Pod-to-Plate: Mandy Hall's Celery, Zucchini & Green Chilli Soup

We don't know about you but we always find celery grows insane in the Vegepod. We put it down to the water reservoir and wicking bed design. But of late, it's a bit too fresh to start celery juicing (in our opinion), so here's Masterchef Mandy Hall with a delicious Celery, Zucchini & Green Chilli Soup that will give you greens while warming up the tum. mandy hall and vegepod

"I was worried that with winter my Vegepod would dry up but nothing has changed. Vegepod is still producing amazing goods and this week I'm celebrating celery and zucchini with my 'Celery, Zucchini & Green Chilli Soup'.

The green chilli is straight from the pod to my ferment jar, even better! Topped with Nigella & Hemp seeds and always, always - a drizzle of the best olive oil you can afford."

~ Mandy Hall, lovefermentsandfood.com.au

Celery, Zucchini & Green Chilli Soup


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