Pod to Plate: Mandy Hall's Delicious Green Harissa Paste

Have you heard of harissa? No, it's not a female name but rather a Tunisian hot chilli pepper paste that's a favourite among spice lovers. Sounds like it's worth a go? Masterchef, fermentation and food-waste expert, Mandy Hall has the recipe for you below! 

"It's been a chilli-fest in my @vegepod and I need to preserve some of this good! Here's a quick recipe for Green Harissa that is absolutely banging with taste and good stuff! If you haven't heard of Harissa, it's a herb and chilli paste from Northern Africa, beautiful on meats and vegetables, it's also great swirled through yoghurt and served alongside anything, or anyone for that matter."

"All those beautiful chilli varieties were grown in my @vegepod! For this recipe, I used a combo of green jalapeño and green long, but you could use whatever you like, I will leave the recipe as all jalapeños and you can easily swap."

~Mandy Hall, www.lovefermentsandfood.com.au

Mandy Hall's Delicious Green Harissa Paste

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