Raised Garden Bed Or Vegepod?

What are the actual benefits of a raised garden bed? How do you build a raised garden bed? Are there raised garden bed kits? What do you plant in a raised garden bed?

Yep, we know you’ve got questions, and we’re here to answer them all! Raised garden beds have so much to offer, loads of benefits and so much flexibility. That’s why our expert Vegepod designers made a whole range of them, in pod form. This way, all your raised garden bed wishes have been granted.

Here are 5 of our favourite benefits we’d like you to know about the quintessentially simple and easy raised garden bed – the Vegepod!

1. Back-Breaking Saviour
Lifting your garden beds up off the ground has more than one benefit. But one of the key benefits is that it saves your back and knees from the strain of gardening at ground level. Raised garden beds are a step towards looking after your own health! Vegepods have stands and trolleys available so you can choose the height that’s perfect for you.

2. Pests are a thing of the past
When you lift your plants off the ground, it also means that the travel distance for crawling, hungry critters increases. The added height from a raised garden bed can actually stop them from attacking your plants, as they would rather eat the yummy ones at ground level and save themselves from the workout – the lazy ‘buggers’. Vegepods permeable mesh covers also acts as a barrier from birds or other flying insects from perching on your plants and munching away. This eliminates the need for sprays to keep insects and pests away, giving you wholesome, spray-free harvests.

3. Better Drainage
Raised garden beds and garden boxes elevate the compost from the ground, where flooding of the earth can cause plants to rot. Even in heavy rain periods, raised garden beds and garden boxes drain far better than planting directly in the ground, as you can imagine. Vegepod is an intergrated growing system regulating your many aspects of the growth cycle including water and nutrients. With a self- watering system, so you won’t accidentally water too much or too little. With irrigation from above and with wicking from below, your plants will be perfectly watered all year round whilst retaining all the lovely nutrients from your growing medium. There are drainage and over flow holes to prevent flooding of the compost, just in case unexpected rain hits your Vegepod garden box and penetrates into the compost.

4. Extended growing seasons
The compost retains its heat and nutrients, so the strict rules of planting seasons can be significantly extended due to the base collecting and helping retain the suns energy. Because drainage is improved in Vegepod raised garden beds, and the cover regulates temperatures, early planting is totally okay too. The commercial grade canopy creates a microenvironment for your plants. This is great if you are a beginner gardener and aren’t really sure when to plant what, or if you simply want more out of your growing seasons. Bonus! You are spoiled for choice of what to plant in your raised garden box... fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers... the list goes on!

5. Easily moveable
If you’re an avid gardener, you may find that your ideas for your garden grow and evolve, so moving things around can happen regularly. If you’re renting and your landlord says N.O. to planting a veggie patch or something similar, Vegepods are the perfect get-around! With the benefit of optional wheels, or even without them, Vegepods can be moved, replaced, or shifted to another location without any hassle, leaving no evidence behind. This mobility is great for evolving gardens and gardeners who are in a renting situation. And a bonus – no need to figure out how to build a raised garden bed - the Vegepod raised garden bed kit has you sorted! And how about if you have a north facing garden you can move your Vegepod to chase the sun through the day and seasons to maximise your growing yield.


Features: Benefits:
Small, Medium & Large Sizes Fits in all spaces and can plate a little or a lot!
Raised Container Garden Bed Elevated garden beds keep the plants away from pests on the ground
Self-watering wicking system Waters plants from below and has a high-volume irrigation system. No more worrying about your plants when you're away!
Polyethlene knitted mesh ocover Allows light, air and rain in, but blocks from harsh UV and pests
Accessories: wheels, stands, and more. Can easily more your Vegepod on wheels, or work at height with stands.
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