Vegepod's New Product!

New product alert! After two years of controlled experiments and testing, Vegepod have created the Vegepod Booster.

This 100% Aussie made product was made in response to the commonly asked question we at Vegepod receive day in, day out, and rightfully so!

'How and do I need to rejuvenate my soil???' 

Edible gardening is on the more demanding side of nutrient intake, so a good boost is essential.

Vegepod Booster is a unique blend specifically formulated to stimulate and rejuvenate soils for edible plants which demand vigorous and sustained productivity within contained raised beds, pots, Vegepods and Vegebags. 

Our Booster is different to your average fertiliser, at an extreme premium level of quality, with a complex and strong formula only otherwise available in commercial farming. 

Importantly, it's not just a feeder, it's also a conditioner - which triggers the roots and hormones to actually take in the needed nutrients.

So, what's in it?

A unique blend of seaweed, fish and added humates, minerals and trace elements.
What does it do, simply please?

  • Boosts and sustains the demanding parts of edibles such as roots, fruits, large leaves and flowers.
  • Boosts and stimulates poor quality soils
  • Boosts and refeeds depleted soils after harvests.
  • Conditions roots and triggers hormones for effective intake.

To hear how it all works watch this video.

How do I use it?
 Watch this and learn all about it.

You can now buy it here on our website! Coming to stockists very soon.

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