Vegepod Switzerland Joins the Global Family!

Introducing Vegepod Switzerland!

Switzerland, a nation known for its excellent chocolate, banking, and watches—is now country #19 joining our #GrowYourFood movement! Vegepod’s Swiss expansion is being spear-headed by Gordon Duncan, a native-Kiwi who’s called Switzerland home for over 16 years. We interviewed Gordon to get to know him better and discuss his exciting plans for Vegepod Switzerland. 

Gordon, welcome to the team! Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up in Switzerland?

I moved from New Zealand to Switzerland in 2003. I have lived the Swiss life, from learning the language to raising a family. I did spend time in New Zealand as well, working on my landscaping business, and that is how I came across Vegepod. “Lisa and her team at Vegepod NZ have done an amazing job spreading the movement because I kept noticing my customer’s buying and using them left, right, and centre!”. It was obvious that this product was popular, and as a gardener myself, the gardening benefits were clear. So I suggested to the team that I take Vegepod back to Switzerland.

Can you share some insight regarding Vegepod’s potential for success in the Swiss market?

Gardening is really part of Swiss culture. Even terrace gardening is so important that most apartment blocks are now built with designated rooftop gardens and very large balconies with ample space for gardening. So besides the usual backyard applications, there is also clear potential for a product like Vegepod for these areas too. Swiss are renowned for demanding quality and sustainable products so I look forward to introducing and educating the gardeners about Vegepods.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

I’m a qualified gardener so I’m planning on leveraging my knowledge and authority on the topic to share Vegepod with the Swiss community.

Thanks, Gordon—and welcome to Vegepod’s Global Community!

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