Vegepod Product Development 2020-2022

At Vegepod we are always determined to improve and innovate, and the last 2 years have been no exception! We didn’t get around to our usual annual update as we have been busy bees over at our ‘Shedquarters’, coming up with new improvements that will ensure Vegepod continues as the world’s number one garden bed whilst also releasing exciting, new products that keep Vegepod constantly evolving.

Check out what important changes 2021-2022 brought:

New seed varieties

We know Vegepodders like to keep it exciting so this year we added some great seed varieties to our seasonal seed packs ensuring you have something interesting growing all year round

Release of new product Kitchen Garden

Vegepod finally arrived indoors with Kitchen Garden! We combined some key DNA from our classic Vegepod with new indoor technologies and features. It’s too long to go into all the detail here, so if you haven’t discovered Kitchen Garden yet please read all about it here.


New powder coat finishes for stands and trolleys

We adopted a new gloss powder coat finish on our stands and trolleys to optimise water run-off and prevent rusting

New premium stainless steel and rubber trolley wheels

The steel components of our caster have been upgraded to a premium stainless to prevent rusting. The outer wheel has also been changed to rubber for a smoother ride! Despite the significant increase in the cost of goods, we absorbed all the cost ourselves to keep the same retail price, making Vegepod yet even more the best cost-of-living reduction tool!

Enlarged the overflow / air gap in the wicking bases

This improvement saw both an increase in water overflow capabilities and enlarge the critical air-gap between the soil and water reservoirs

Strengthened hothouse/winter covers

As part of our culture of continued improvement, last year we strengthened the corner stitching across the entire range of covers and also increased the UV stabilisers in our winter/hothouse covers for better durability.

Released Vegepod Perlite-Plus

As strong advocates of perlite, we noticed that many Vegepodders often could not access quality perlite or at good prices. So we created our own Vegepod Perlite-Plus! It is the best super coarse quality available in a great bulk 50 litre bag. We also made it with extra love by adding activated mineral dust to ensure better flavours for edibles! It's made right here in Australia too.

Released Vegepod Booster

After two years of controlled experiments and testing, Vegepod released the Booster. Edible gardening is demanding on nutrients, so a good boost is essential from time to time. Vegepod Booster is a unique blend and was specifically formulated to stimulate and rejuvenate soils for edible plants and provide a sustained productivity within Vegepods and Vegebags (and indeed all contained gardens and pots!)

We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings and as always, we love hearing your feedback and suggestions!

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