How to Plant Garlic in Your Vegepod!

Garlic is an investment in time and space in your Vegepod but is surprisingly easy and you'll notice the difference when you're able to use your homegrown aromatic buttery cloves freshly pulled from the ground in your cooking!

Here are our steps for success with garlic in your Vegepod or Vegebag:

1. Purchase your garlic bulbs from your local garden centre or hardware- do not purchase from the supermarket as they can be sprayed and likely not to sprout (except organic garlic)

2. Fill your pod with premium potting mix and Perlite Plus for good drainage (this is key to preventing bulb rot)

3. Break the bulb into cloves ready to plant

4. Dig small holes 5cm deep and 10cm apart with as many rows as you like- the bulbs don't need to be too deep in the soil but make sure they are spaced so the bulbs can form properly

5. Plant cloves pointy end up in these holes and lightly cover up soil (hint: markers are a good idea to make sure you don't forget where the bulbs are before they sprout)

6. You can continue to fill the whole Vegepod with garlic bulbs or plant some Mediterranean herbs to fill the rest of the space, like rosemary, thyme, oregano, lavender & sage- these have low water needs like garlic so are perfect companion plants

7. Water in everything lightly on top of the soil, garlic will not need much before they sprout due to the risk of rot

8. Keep an eye out for sprouts and wait for soil to dry out between watering


Your garlic should form bulbs and be ready to harvest in November- February when the leaves start turning brown- happy Vegepodding!

*Note this is a general guide for Southern Hemisphere

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