How to plant out your Vegebag for the cooler months

The Vegebag is not only portable and compact, but it is ideal for growing an endless supply of leafy greens that you can pick all through the cooler months. 

The wicking bed base inside the bag means that water loving herbs like coriander, chives, parsley and greens like lettuce, rocket & pak choy have a constant supply of water and will be thriving in no time. You can plant a mixture of leafy greens and herbs or mass plant one variety for continual harvesting- the options are limitless! 

If you did want to give some large veg a go like broccoli or kale, ensure they are spaced as per seed/seedling pack measurements on the label and thinned out to prevent overcrowding in the bag. 

Purchase yours Vegebag and see our steps below for planting out your Vegebag ready for the cooler months:

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