Vegepod is now NDIS Registered!

We are extremely proud to be now formally recognised by the Australian government and the NDIS as the accessible garden-bed-of-choice for ALL people, including every participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme. In yet another sign of our commitment to providing the joy of gardening to anyone with various challenges, Vegepod undertook a year of work (including internal adjustments, systematic verifications and external auditing) to ensure we would meet the requirements of approval and enable access to participants. And not just for product, but also our services!

Our self-contained and self-watering Vegepods are designed to overcome all accessibility challenges and help ALL people with lifestyle and therapeutic gardening. We enable sensory and edible gardening regardless of age, ability, location or living space. Vegepod is truly the leading accessible gardening tool supporting individuals and community goals around empowerment, capacity building, improved life skills, joy, confidence and bringing people together.

What does it mean to be NDIS registered and approved?

Vegepod has met the NDIS Practice Standards and NDIS Code of Conduct, now becoming a registered provider. Due to already being a ‘low risk’ and ‘low cost’ consumable, Vegepods have always been accessible via self-managed and plan-partner managed groups, however, now as a fully registered NDIS Provider, we are also accessible to participants managed by the NDIA.

We are registered under the following categories:

Registered under: Assistive Equip recreation
Description: assistant technology, a capital support
Line Item/NDIS CODE: 05_308800285_0112_1_2
Registered under: Innovative community part
Description: increased social civic community participation, a capacity building support
Line Item/NDIS CODE:  09_008_0116_6_3
Registered Under Assistant product household tasks
Description: assistant technology item, capital support – delivery-household tasks or control AT
Line Item/NDIS CODE: 05_711000080_0123_1_2 

How can you purchase through your NDIS Plan?

For those self or plan-managed all you need to do is simply make an inquiry at outlining your order, delivery details and request an invoice. This can then be passed on to your plan manager or to the NDIS.

For those NDIA managed, you can now find us on the NDIS MyPlace Portal. This is where you can make purchases with NDIS approved products and services through your NDIS Plan. Give us a search via our name or company ID: 4050087913


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