Pod To Plate: Georgia Barnes Shows How To Pickle (Almost) Anything

We've heard from the fermentation queen herself, Mandy Hall, on how to ferment Dilly Cucumber Pickles but cucumber growing season is now officially over, so, what if you want to pickle other produce? 

Georgia Barnes is here to step in with a more general process on how to pickle (almost) anything from your garden, from veg to fruit. Perfect if you've grown too much of one type of plant, or if you want to experiment with gut health and food storage techniques.

georgia barnes

Check out Georgia Barnes' comprehensive guide to pickling in the recipe card below. And please, let us know if you decide to pickle any of your produce based on this method. We love seeing and sharing #podtoplate stories on our Instagram or Facebook!

recipe card

To check out the lovely Ms. Barnes recipes and cooking see see her website georgiabarnes.com.au. For previous Vegepod X Georgia Barnes P2Ps check out: Pod To Plate: Roasted Beetroot Salad with Georgia BarnesPod To Plate: Georgia Barnes' Garlic-Roasted RadishesPod To Plate With Georgia Barnes: Spicy Salsa Verde.


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