New Product: Vegepod Certified Organic Seasonal Seed Packs!

We have some exciting news coming from Vegepod HQ - we, in collaboration with Angus Stewart from, have created our own seed packet range!

We wanted to make planting with the Vegepod even easier, so we created seasonal seed packets (one for Spring/Summer, one for Autumn/Winter). These packets each contain a mix of five certified organic seed varieties that will get you started on your growing adventure. Beginner gardening has never been easier!

Seed Qualities:

The seeds are 100% certified organic - which we're very proud of because very few Australian growers sell certified organic seed varieties! Australian grown, open-pollinated, chemical-free, non-hybrid, and GMO-free - these seed packets make it easy to grow in the organic Vegepod produce and have an end-to-end gardening experience you can be proud of. Here’s a bit more.


If you haven’t already started with your early spring planting, these five seed varieties all do very well with the Vegepod’s self-wicking, high water efficiency nature.

The spring/summer seasonal seeds pack includes:

  • Garlic Chives
  • Lettuce – Mesclun Mix
  • Tomato – Tommy Toe
  • Bean – Butter Bush
  • Cucumber – Lebanese

Each seed packet shows some basic information on how to plant the certified organic seed and the seed's used-by date. And, to make it even easier, our favourite expert, Angus Stewart, has created a bunch of collaborative videos to show how you plant each variety. Check them out at our site:

Here’s an example of one:


autumn winter seed packets

Autumn and winter just came and went but not to worry, we’re sure it’ll be back again before we can blink! For the autumn/winter pack, Angus wanted to give us staple ‘winter-warmer’ veggies that were easy to grow despite the colder climate.

The autumn/winter seed pack therefore includes:

  • Coriander
  • Bok Choy
  • Parsley – Italian
  • Lettuce – Mesclun Mix
  • Kale – Red Russian

Videos on how to sow these autumn/winter seeds are yet to come, but check back to our seed planting page closer to winter time - we’ll have them up and running by then!

Why Grow From Seeds?

You may be wondering, why grow seeds? Why not grow from seedlings or punnets. Here at Vegepod, we’re pro-seeds for a few specific reasons. Growing from seed eliminates the risk of a number of issues that can hinder growing: transplant shock, root injury, root bound pots, and even unwanted pests that can come from the garden nursery punnets.

Growing from seeds means they’re not compromised and all of your vegetables can grow at the same rate (as long as you plant them all from the same time). This can make harvesting much simpler and easy to track.


Is It Easy to Grow Seeds In A Vegepod?

Yes! Although the Vegepod is a wicking bed that waters plants from below, Vegepods also are equipped with mist sprays that line the cover. This means during the early stages of seed germination, the Vegepod provides gentle and regular top soil watering the organic seeds will need. 

Once the seedlings roots become more established, the wicking bed helps water from below. The microclimate garden cover also works to shelter and protect the certified organic seeds during the early stages. The cover creates a greenhouse effect retaining heat while protecting the seeds from harsh winds and blow off. For the cooler months, the winter garden cover can be used to ensure the organic seeds are warm enough to sprout. 


seed packets


We hope you guys enjoy the Vegepod Seasonal Seed Packets. The Vegepod certified organic seeds are now available in the Vegepod Shop for the Spring and Summer season. If you’re so inclined, show us photos of your Vege Seeds being sown! Otherwise, happy sowing!


Peter Hope

Great idea

Peter Hope

Don’t forget us who live in the tropics. I’ve just finished my winter crop of silverbeet, however it’s now becoming too hot to grow much.


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