• Autumn / Winter Certified Organic Seed Pack

Autumn / Winter Certified Organic Seed Pack


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    Sow n' grow your very own Certified Organic herbs and veggies the easy way with Vegepod! 

    Australian renowned gardening guru and Vegepod lover Angus Stewart has carefully selected easy-to-grow seed varietals ideal for Vegepod growing.

    Our seeds are certified organic, chemical free, non hybrid, GMO free, heirloom, open pollinated and of course Australian Grown!

    Each pack contains five favourites to get you started;

    Celery - Tendercrisp

    Lettuce - Mesclun Mix

    Bok Choy

    Carrot Chentenay Red Cored


    Check out Angus' videos for tips on how to sow, grow and care for each of the seed varietals

    Expiry of seeds is 2021/2022. Shipping is unavailable at this time to Tasmania residents.

    Happy harvesting! 

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Product Feature

An easy to manage contained raised gardening bed is perfect for the home. Control your growth and veggie quality in a separate environment away from the ground and away from the pests.

Product Feature

Veggie health is ensured with our self-watering technology by using a wicking system and watering the plants from below. Plants can last weeks without watering in our Vegepods.

Product Feature

A greenhouse in our backyard by using a polyethylene knitted mesh to protect crops from UV and pests. The cover also helps manage temperature by allowing water and air to penetrate.