How to get your Vegebag started!

Wondering how to get your Vegebag set up and planted?

Here is our step by step guide on getting growing with your Vegebag:

  1. Take out of the box and untie so it pops up- now you're ready to go!
  2. Put layer of our Perlite-Plus 50L on top of the black plastic wicking bed until you can't see the plastic anymore. The perlite is recommended by us but not essential if you have not purchased it. 
  3. Fill the Vegebag with premium potting mix until you reach the top of the black line inside the bag walls before the mesh begins. Make sure you purchase PREMIUM potting mix that is marked as premium with the red and white ticks on the bag. You should need about 3 bags of 25L mix. 
  4. If you have purchase Perlite-Plus 50L you can empty some of this in with the soil and mix through for better drainage and good veggie growing minerals.
  5. Now your Vegebag is ready to plant! We love to use it for growing herbs like coriander, mint and basil-  you can also try growing leafy greens for salads or dwarf veggies like dwarf tomatoes and broccoli depending on the season! 
  6. Water in well after planting- you should do this every couple of days after planting for the next week and then the reservoir should start the wicking process for your plant. If you have planted seeds these will take a bit longer to sprout so make sure the soil is kept moist over the first two weeks after planting. 
  7. Zip the mesh up and put in a sunny position (at least 4-6 hours of direct sunshine is ideal for veggies!)
  8. Once the plants are settled you should only need to give a thorough water every fortnight and feed with Vegepod Booster 

Check out our video here for more Vegebag info:

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