Top edible flowers to grow in your Vegepod!

As much as we love veggie growing, we also love having something pretty in the garden. Edible flowers are not only good looking & attract the good pollinators, but they can be used for a variety of culinary purposes that will add some extra flavour, nutrition and colour to your dishes (a sure fire way to impress your guests when cooking for them!)

Some flowers can get quite big and unmanageable so here are our top picks for florals that will thrive and stay a compact size in your Vegepod:


The whole plant is edible and has a quite peppery taste- we like to use these in salads, infused in with vinegar for dressings and as a general pretty garnish on cheeseboards. They are easy to grow from seeds and there are lots of dwarf varieties that will keep compact in your pod- oh and they are also a great pest deterrent in the garden-  a win win!  


Dainty and small, violas come in a huge array of colours, do not have a strong distinct taste and stay very compact. We like to pop them atop desserts or baked goods like cupcakes for a colourful touch or frozen in ice cubes for the perfect cocktail accompaniment in summer. 

French Marigolds

Bright and sunny Marigolds are a burst of sunshine coming in an array of oranges, yellows & reds. They are compact and easy to companion plant with lettuce, radishes and are said to keep root nematodes away which can target tomatoes. Marigolds are a great all rounder for sprinkling their leaves and petals over desserts, main dishes, soups and especially in drinks.

Society Garlic

With a much stronger smell, Society Garlic has a distinct garlic taste so is perfect for using in those savoury dishes to add a pop of flavour and colour! With very fine leaves it will stay compact in a corner of your Vegepod until you're ready to harvest. We love them added to meat dishes, soups, salads and even fancy scrambled eggs. 


These sweet frilly flowers have a slight clove taste that can be used in anything from topping desserts & adding a kick to home made ice cream, to scattering them for a savoury garnish for seafood platters. 


Strongly aromatic, lavender is known for its calming & encouraging sleep but it is also very versatile in cooking. There are plenty of dwarf varieties of lavender to grow that work well in the pod and a regular light trim is ideal to keep them happy. Harvest your fresh lavender leaves, give them a fine chop and mix with rosemary to go on your next lamb roast- OR you can also cut it fresh, dry it and pop it in cakes, biscuits and our absolute favourite- lavender scones YUM!

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