Vegepod GrowHealth -A Nature Based Therapy Program for Mental Wellbeing


Vegepod is proud to launch our latest program Vegepod GrowHealth, a mental wellbeing program through nature-based therapy. After years of boots-on-the-ground installs and community projects, it became very obvious to us that many people do not have easy access to nature-based therapy in its traditional large scale format (ie: think immersion in forests, walking along beaches or resting oneself on large and safe riverbanks); and yet Vegepods and their 'mini eco-systems' were enabling nature-based therapy.

Enter program co-designer, Kit Kline, who helped bring the nature-based therapy and Vegepod worlds together. Kit is an expert in mental health via nature-based therapy, an emerging field in both complementary therapies and holistic health treatment which has been incorporated into the practice of many medical and mental health professions. 


Who can use Vegepod GrowHealth?

Vegepod GrowHealth is not only designed to guide healthcare workers in various clinical or group settings, but can also be utilised by anyone by themselves directly. Many carers and frontline workers are also finding these activities as key tools for respite and meeting the growing needs for 'Caring for Carers'.

Vegepod GrowHealth can be freely facilitated by anyone, including;

  • Private practice
  • NDIS – psychosocial recovery coach
  • Psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and mental wellbeing clinicians
  • Social workers, occupational therapists and allied health professionals
  • Youth workers, drug and alcohol clinicians and disability support workers
  • School wellbeing counsellors, university wellbeing counsellors and outreach workers
  • Workplace wellbeing officers
  • Carers and family members

If you would like a free copy of the program, or have any questions regarding Vegepod GrowHealth - please contact

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