Welcome Vegepod India, Our 20th Country!

We’re thrilled to announce that Vegepod has touched down in its 20th country: India!

India’s large population, reputation for inclement weather, and high percentage of vegetarians are just a few of the reasons this country is a great fit for Vegepod’s global family! This expansion will be led by Prasang Saraf, who is currently based in Ahmedabad, a key economic hub in western India. We sat down with Prasang to learn more about him and discuss his exciting plans for Vegepod India.

Prasang, welcome to the team! Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came across Vegepod?

I recently earned my MBA to pursue my passions for business and finance. Currently, I live in the city of Ahmedabad, but I’m originally from a small town where it was more common for families to grow vegetable gardens. Since then, gardening in India has become increasingly more challenging, specifically in metro areas. Therefore, during my time as an educator, I wanted to integrate vegetable farming into the curriculum. As I researched a suitable product to share gardening with my students, I came across Vegepod. I was very impressed by its features and realized India’s significant demand for a product like this, so I reached out requesting more information about the business. Shortly after, I decided to take on the mission of sharing Vegepod with the Indian population!

You mentioned India’s significant demand for this type of product—can you elaborate on Vegepod’s potential in India?

India is a densely populated country with a remarkably high percentage of vegetarians, yet many people don’t have much space to grow large gardens. For this reason, it’s common to grow vegetables from pots on porches and balconies, but this method can be easily disturbed by pests and the country’s extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, since Covid, the increased pressure on the food supply chain coupled with everyone’s extra time at home has drastically increased India’s collective interest in food gardening. Though I had never heard of Vegepod’s self-watering wicking technology, my research revealed that many local consumers have actually been waiting for something like this to reach India—and I’m so excited to make it happen!

Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

I never pass up an opportunity to travel! I have visited 29 countries so far and I’m eager to continue adding to the list. My global master’s program allowed me to study in Singapore, Sydney, and Dubai. I also took a marketing management course at Harvard University in Boston and an economics course at King’s College in London. I am so grateful for these opportunities to study business, while also immersing myself in new cultures. Whether I’m traveling or not, I enjoy spending my free time outdoors. I recently hiked the Himalayan Trail and I’m always amazed at the healing power of just one day in nature.

We’re so excited to see the #GrowYourFood movement spread through India.
Thanks, Prasang—and welcome to the Vegepod family!

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