Pod-to-Plate: Cherie Tu's Super-Green Pesto Pasta (Vegan)

This week we have an amazing pod to plate-er who's just 23! Cherie Tu aka @ThrivingonPlants on Instagram, is a creative vegan cook who's passionate about animal-welfare and, of course, making delicious vegan cuisine that everyone can enjoy. Definitely check out her website for more of her fantastic recipes on cherietu.com.

Today's home-made pesto includes baby spinach and rocket straight from the Vegepod for an extra boost of greens! Delicious and simple yet comforting, the best part is from start to finish it takes less than 30 minutes in total and makes 4 generous servings. Such a winner!! Check it out below.

cherie tu with a vegepod

"Ok who doesn’t love a good pesto?! It’s actually so simple to make at home and the best part is it’s also very customisable! I’ve experimented with a range of different nuts and seeds and my most recent batches have included a bunch of different greens from my Vegepod! The greens, basil, rocket and baby spinach were so easy to grow and best of all super fresh.

Below I will be giving you this epic super green pesto recipe to enjoy with your pasta. I’ll also be leaving a couple of tips and tricks on how to get a perfectly silky and glossy pesto pasta without dousing it with tonnes of oil. Let’s go!"

~ Cherie Tu, cherietu.com

vegepod pesto

Super Green Pesto Pasta VEGEPOD RECIPE CARD

Interested in more of Cherie's recipes? Please check out her amazing instagram at @thrivingonplants. 

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