Pod-to-Plate: The Broth Sisters' Winter Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Phew! It's getting chilly out there! If you're looking for a classic warm dish that will fill you up and ward off the winter chills, look no further. The Broth Sisters have come up with a delicious and simple Winter Vegetable Minestrone recipe that you can make using any and all the vegetables from your Vegepod. 

*The Broth Sister's Fodmap Friendly Vegetable Stock Concentrate. Take it from us, this stock is truly premium with a wonderfully rich taste. 

"A delicious hearty meal for winter time, you can use this recipe with the vegetable ingredients we've specified, or use any of the vegetables you've got growing in your Vegepod instead. That's the beauty of Minestrone - it's a tasty dish that's flexible with whatever you throw at it."

- Linda Vantaggiato, Director & Co-Founder at The Broth Sisters

The Broth Sister's Winter Vegetable Minestrone Soup


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