Pod-to-Plate: Vietnamese Pho With The Broth Sisters

We're back with another #podtoplate recipe! This time with the lovely Broth Sisters, Linda Vantaggiato and Jane Crawford, and their delicious, heartwarming Vietnamese Beef Pho recipe. Have a read to see how to create this delicious spicy soup and their biggest tip for making broth-based recipes, either with the sisters delicious Broth Bags or from scratch.

How did you guys get into cooking, and particularly, broth recipes? 

broth dish

Our father is Italian so of course we love food. He was also an amazing and creative cook. He never used a recipe, instead he had a natural intuition about what foods married together well. His dishes were quite simple, quality fresh food, mostly picked from his veggie garden and combined in a way that it was always delicious and nourishing. He taught us well. From a very young age we were expected to chip in and do our bit and that included preparing meals for the family. Naturally our love of food and cooking evolved from sharing time in the kitchen with our papa. He was our role model in cooking and life. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, moderation in everything. Broth was dad’s cure-all for everything. Both out of respect for the animal and necessity, papa was never wasteful. Every component of the animal was turned into something that was edible. The bones of pastured animals were saved and turned into a broth which was used as a base for soups, sauces, and casseroles. Our simple broth recipes are those our papa taught us. 

We love your Broth Bags, a great invention. What’s your number one tip for people looking to experiment with broth-based recipes?

the broth sisters tea bag

Everything tastes better when it starts with a good foundation. Let broth be the basis of added depth of flavour and nourishment in all your meals, whether that be in a simple breakfast broth with shreds of egg as you will find in our traditional stracciatella or a spoon of our mushroom stock concentrate stirred through a risotto, be adventurous in the kitchen and don’t be afraid to experiment.  Often a simple recipe can be lifted to next level by popping in a cup of broth or stock concentrate where we have done the hard work for you.

Our broth teas can be sipped as an afternoon pick-me-up or brewed and served with a simple poached egg, a few soba noodles and some fresh vegetables like shallots or broccoli picked straight from your Vegepod. Don’t be afraid to experiment and come up with your own culinary creations! Our broth products are very versatile and it’s up to each of you how you wish to incorporate them into your meals. 


The Vegepod looks like it's thriving from your photos, how did you find using the Pod?  

The Vegepod was easy to set up, no carpentry skills or engineering degrees were required. Follow the instructions provided, add good quality soil and compost, pop in your seedlings and be delighted as your crops flourish hassle-free and without being ravaged by pests. It could not be easier. It’s like waving a magic wand over your brown thumb and converting you to a gardening goddess overnight. All you have to do is sit back and be delighted with your haul of crops whilst feeling immensely proud of how clever you are. It’s simply the best product you will ever buy and one that keeps on giving day after day after day. Cannot speak more highly of the joy it will bring into your life. It’s simply the best.  

Where can people find you guys online for more delicious recipes?

You can find more recipes through our blog at www.thebrothsisters.com.au, by signing up to our newsletter or by following us on Facebook or Instagram @thebrothsisters.

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