VegeHeads Conference in Beijing! Plus New Offices in the Philippines, South Africa and UAE!

From August 2nd to 9th, for the first time ever, the different Vegepod Heads of Country gathered for an inaugural three day global conference in Beijing. 

vegepod team outside factory

In attendance were the VegeHeads from UK, Oz, NZ, Canada, USA, and Singapore plus the Inventor and Head of Product Development, Matt Harris. 

view of beijing

The event was such a great time! Not only was it a great way for our global family to meet and interact with each other - but we also discussed product improvements, reviewed the manufacturing process, quality control, and had a really great free holiday (just kidding!). China was amazing on all fronts :) 

We've affirmed our company-wide ethos and social responsibilities. We've also got some new product prototypes in the works as well as existing product improvements that we think some of you will really love - watch this space! 

Vegepod In the UAE, SA & Philippines!

We're truly going global these days! In addition to our adventures in China, Vegepod has expanded to three new countries!

Meet Jenny & Amelia from Vegepod UAE:

vegepod uae team

This dynamic mother and daughter duo are working to make Dubai, Abu Dabi and hopefully, one day, Lebanon and Kuwait, greener and Grow-Your-Food ready! 

Amelia notes the expat community (which makes up 90% of the UAE) is excited and ready for a self-watering product that can withstand the desert's hot and dry weather. We're excited to see where they go with this!

Meet Evonne & the Vegepod Philippines team!

In the Philippines, the tropical climate means there's a real cult of 'homegrown' going strong. However, people want Pods to guarantee the food-safe status of their fruits and veggies. We're excited to see Vegepod in backyards promoting organic produce - free from pests and any trace-chemicals.  

Meet Joanne & Michaela from Vegepod South Africa


Their shipment is due to arrive soon on October 20th! Similar to Vegepod UAE, the girls are looking forward to a home gardening product that thrives in South Africa's dry climate. 

Thanks to all our wonderful new working associates and the people of China for being such great hosts. We've come along way from 2009 and our Shark Tank roots. Here's to bigger, better and more international things to come! 

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