Vegepod at Chelsea Flower Show 2023 for the fifth year in a row!

Vegepod, for the fifth consecutive year, were invited back to exhibit at the world’s most prestigious garden show, The Royal Chelsea Flower Show. It’s the most exciting time of the year for Vegepod UK, who worked hard on their display and were lucky enough to mingle with a few famous faces and His Majesty himself, King Charles! You may have even spotted us on Channel 7 News last week.

 This year’s theme ‘The Restorative Power of Gardening’ happened to be celebrated by Vegepod through the very design of our products; Accessible, with the ability to grow in any space. Some of the best work we get to do is through the community projects, installing our accessible garden beds to those who are less able – disability support hubs, aged-care homes and hospitals. The healing power of gardening, and growing food has proven undeniable in these spaces.

Another successful and busy week for the Vegepod UK team over at the Royal Chelsea. If you get the chance, this show should be on your bucket list!

The Vegepod stand at Chelsea 2023

Leia Holloway, Head of Community for Vegepod UK, enjoying the award winning flower displays at the show

His Majesty King Charles visiting the show

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