The results are in- Australia's Veggie Growing Habits in 2022!

The Results Are In!

In 2022 we have seen the cost-of-living rise along with devastating effects from La Niña causing vegetable supply issues.

Vegepod commissioned globally respected YouGov for the inaugural 'State of the Nation & Vegetation Report' to learn about Australia’s veggie growing habits in 2022. A very large, randomised sample of 1036 respondents were surveyed.

It is no surprise Australians are now embracing the Grow Your Food movement more than ever and here are five top facts (to request more statistics, please see the bottom of page for details):

  1. One in every two Australians have been growing their own food in 2022.
  2. For those not currently growing their own food, 37% are interested in doing so.
  3. Queensland is the number one state for growing their own veg at home.
  4. Families with children under 18 are more likely to be growing their own than any other domicile type.
  5. Cost of living and access to fresh produce are the two top motivators for growing food at home

Or watch our clip on our findings watch our clip

As seen in the Daily Telegraph and nationally syndicated news pieces this weekend, Brisbane based Vegepodder and father of two Liam O’Toole, has continued to use his Vegepod to grow produce for his family to enjoy all year round and reduce household costs. So, whether you have a balcony, backyard or a couple of acres, the small investment to set up a successful, contained garden bed like a Vegepod can see you and your family reap the significant health and financial benefits for many years to come.

To request a copy of the full report with over 21 key findings, email


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