Pod-to-Plate: The Cannataci Twins' Middle Eastern Lamb Dish With Herb Salad

The Cannataci twins, Monica and Jacinta, (MJ Creations) are back with another outstanding, main-meal recipe that will rock your dinner guests' worlds. A Middle Eastern Lamb Dish with Herb Salad, featuring yoghurt sauce, Middle Eastern spice blend, pickled red onion and lemon juice dressing!  A wholesome, hearty dish - harvest mint and coriander leaves from the Vegepod for a delicious mix of greens and proteins #ketomeal #podtoplate.

harvesting vegetables"Another yummy dish we put together today and cooked less than ten minutes. So simple and delish!

Lamb fillet marinated in crushed garlic, harissa and olive oil, served with saffron aioli, pickled red onion, pomegranate, coriander and mint
Recipe created by Monica, snapped 📷  and cooked👩‍🍳  by me @jacinta_cannataci"

Jacinta Cannataci, @cannataci.twin.chefs

vegepod veggies

Middle Eastern Lamb With Herb Salad

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