Pod-to-Plate: Chloe Carroll's Crispy, Crunchy Spanakopita

Masterchef Chloe Carroll is back with a brand-spanking new Spanakopita recipe.  The perfect pastry dish for winter time - use up excess spinach, silverbeet, or really any dark leafy green from the Vegepod using this fabulous recipe.

"This beautiful pie easily serves eight and only takes 10 minutes to prep! You can also turn this into a vegan meal using vegan feta cheese, parmesan, egg replacement and vegan butter or olive oil. It tastes delicious, especially with the fresh silverbeet overgrowing in my Vegepod. 10/10 would recommend for a rainy, cold winter night ahead."  

~ Chloe Carroll, vegginout.com.au

recipe card

Interested in testing this out let us or Chloe know using the #podtoplate on our socials. Happy cooking!

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