Pod-to-Plate: Caroline Khoo's Wattleseed & Lemon Zest Christmas Shortbreads

We're truly excited about the care and dedication put into this next #podtoplate recipe by Caroline Khoo. Caroline, Creative Director and founder of Nectar and Stone, is constantly inspired by the great outdoors and used that theme to create veggie-decorated Christmas cookies that are absolutely adorable. We had a quick chat with her to ask her about her desserts and how to creatively incorporate veggies into sweets so the little ones don't notice!  
Please tell us a bit about Nectar & Stone and where you get your inspiration for amazing, colourful desserts?!
Nectar and Stone was established in 2013. The brand was born through a desire to create  simple, feminine and original desserts which later extended to photography, styling and building a loyal community. Inspiration for desserts is predominantly crafted through observations of visual details outdoors such as flowers and buildings but also through fashion and homewares and what is in season for fruits and herbs.
We love the concept of these Christmas cookies, super creative and nature-inspired, how did you find using the Pod?

The Pod is the most incredible concept I have discovered for 2020 and only wish I had come across it sooner. I have found it really simple to use because there are features on the Pod such as the self-watering garden bed that keeps maintenance to a low, especially if you are low for time. Also the commercial canopy has kept the possums away and prevented the rain in Melbourne from destroying everything.

Great to hear the Pod gave one Melburnian a better 2020! We're sure many of our parent-Podders want to know - any tips for using veggies in Christmas desserts this year? 

Incorporating vegetables into desserts is really simple and I do it all the time especially as a top up for my growing kids. Grating zucchini, pumpkin or beetroot always work well when adding to desserts like brownies (beetroot and chocolate are best mates) or tarts – you can even puree the vegetables and incorporate into custards. I especially love carrots and regularly make carrot cake with some grated zucchini which is a lovely Christmas addition to the table. If you are keen to make a pavlova, you can add some beetroot puree to a custard to develop a lovely warm pink colour and dollop onto the pav along with some double cream.

Helpful tips! Last question - where can we find you online?  

My website for food and art design inquiries and to purchase my book "I'm Just Here For Dessert" nectarandstone.com.

My instagram for dessert aesthetics and foodie community @nectarandstone.

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