Pod-to-Plate: Michelle Yandle's Super Green Kale Smoothie

We are now at the critical stage of new year's resolutions where January has well and truly gone and February is a slippery slope into not caring anymore! Yet, some of us are still trying to work off the quarantine 15. If that's you, keep on reading. Nutritionist and health-food expert, Michelle Yandle, has a delicious and super simple, Super Greens Smoothie to help you work on staying healthy.

Super Greens Smoothie

"I love the Super Greens Smoothie because it contains nutritious fruits, healthy fats and superfood veggies that you can grow straight from the Pod. I recommend eating this every morning for breakfast as a great way to painlessly get greens in. The hemp seeds and almond butter fats also fill you up with protein, so you stay satiated for longer."

- Michelle Yandle

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Kia ora Michelle, thank you for your wonderful recipe! If you'd like to find more of Michelle's creations please check her our on michelleyandle.com or @michelleyandlenutrition.

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