How to Grow Potatoes in your Vegebag

Homegrown potatoes are not only tastier, but when grown at home can be pulled straight from the ground with no trace of treatments or pesticides that can be used on some commercially grown spuds from the supermarkets. Potatoes are high in vitamin C, potassium and of course super versatile for cooking, so why not follow our easy steps to growing them in your Vegebag at home so you can create some chips, mash or roast spuds with your backyard potatoes and maybe garnish them with some rosemary, parsley or dill grown in your Vegepod!

1. Fill a Vegebag half way up the black inner liner with well aged organic matter like cow manure- this will give the potatoes plenty of nutrients to grow with. You can mix in some premium potting mix with this to bulk the media up if you like! 

2. Get your potato tubers from your local garden centre (beware of supermarket spuds unless they are organic as they may have been treated so they don't sprout)- choose any variety you like, they should be labelled as per best use e.g. boiling, roasting, mashing, frying

3. Place the potatoes with their eyes upwards towards the sky (eyes are the bumpy knobby bits of the potato where the sprouts will emerge from) and space evenly in a circle on the soil

4. Cover up lightly with the rest of the cow manure/premium potting mix blend until you cannot see the potatoes anymore 

5. Water in well and wait for shoots to appear, as the shoots get taller you want to mound the soil around the stems to encourage more potatoes to grow underneath the soil. Do this until you reach the top of the black line inside the Vegebag

6. Harvest can take place when the plant starts to die down roughly 60-90 days after the last frost, our preferred technique is to dig around to loosen the soil then tip onto a tarp and get all the spuds out. Store in a dark cool place and DO NOT eat when the potatoes are green as they are highly toxic!

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