Happy National Gardening Week!

This might be stating the obvious, but we LOVE gardening!

The benefits of gardening are real and are endless. The act of gardening not only provides proven benefits to physical & mental health but the ability to grow your own flowers, herbs, fruit and veggies is an added bonus that we are able to enjoy at the end of the day.

A less celebrated benefits of gardening is its ability to bring people together. Our amazing community of Vegepodders across the world openly share what they’re growing and no matter where they are or why they grow, their love for gardening is undeniable and brings them together through discussion and sharing of growing tips.

October is the perfect time to plant your Vegepod ready for summer harvests, so we thought we would celebrate National Gardening Week with some great planting suggestions from real Vegepodders for you to get planting this week:

Dwarf tomato varieties

Rae from @raes.a.dozen.daisies loves growing dwarf tomato plants in her 15 Vegepods, especially this variety 'Dwarf Roma'. Tomatoes are the hero of veggie gardening but often grow between 1.2-1.5m tall- dwarf sized tomato plants allow you to grow tommies under the Vegepod canopy without having to worry about them getting out of control in the pod. 


Colourful and sweet, capsicums are easy to grow in the Vegepod shown by Peter from @insta.greener . You can get multiple sizes and shades for a colourful harvest!


Quick and easy to grow, radishes come in all different sizes and colours and are so yummy to crunch on! Below are the variety 'Purple Plum' grown by Mel from @smallgardenharvest in her Vegepod.


A staple in the garden, silverbeet is the easier to grow and larger leaved than baby spinach and is perfect in a spinach pie! This rainbow variety grow by Hayley from @happy_healthy_gardening  has awesome colourful stems too.


Lettuce is quick to grow and when homegrown tastes fantastic compared to the supermarket stuff! Vegepodder Susy from @susybliving  loves her lettuce and grows multiple varieties including 'Lollo Bionda' shown below.

We also love Cos and Butter lettuce for reliable harvests!

Keen to use some of these yummy homegrown veggies in the kitchen? Why not try our yummy Happy Pod Herb & Radish salad:


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