All About Our Vegepod Raised Garden Kit Cover

We we're going through Vegepod blog ideas when we realised - we've never done a blog explaining the benefits of the Vegepod garden cover.   

This may seem old hat to some of our long time Podders but for newbies to the Podding world, this blog explains the function and benefits of the cover and will hopefully help you understand and use your Pod better as a result. Let's begin.

A Cover That Creates A Micro Climate

raised garden bed

A large part of why the Vegepod so successful as a raised garden bed is the protective mesh canopy that helps keep out pests while also being permeable to air, rain and up to 83% sunlight. Upon a close look, you can see the garden cover is actually made up of a very fine woven mesh, maintaining permeability (tiny small holes) for the flow of air, water and light as mentioned previously. By the same token, given the super fine mesh, the cover also reduces the extremes of all weather conditions (eroding winds, frost, harsh sunlight etc). This allows the plants a controlled environment that they thrive in, causing seedlings to begin sprouting within as early as two weeks of planting. 


pest on the vegepod raised garden bed cover

The permeable, commercial grade crop-cover and hinge clamps also stop all but the smallest of bugs from creeping in and munching on your greens, making gardening much more satisfying experience. 

The Structure For A Closed Self-Watering System 

mist sprays on the vegepod cover

Especially useful in the summer months, the canopy cover also acts as a structure for fine mist-spraying hoses to be attached. Connect the misters to any standard hose to create a perfect high volume gentle spray as a watering option. Some Podders choose to connect it to an auto-timer (available at all good garden centres) and then you can have a true “set and forget” watering system for as long as you like.

A Frame for Seasonal Covers 

Vegepod shade cover

Lastly, the canopy structure can serve different functions depending on the season. During summertime if it's blazingly hot outside you can replace the top of your cover with a shade cloth to protect your plants (just make sure you don't leave the shade cover on for too long or they'll start to stunt). 

vegepod winter propagation cover

In the winter time, the cover can be replaced or fitted over with a winter propagation cover to help keep your seedlings and plants warm and in a 'hot house' environment. Particularly, useful if you live in snowy areas. 

The VegeCover is even useful for attaching grow lights. Lastly, the unsung hero of the canopies are their hinging attachments to the Vegepod base. All of those who have tried building their own net protections will attest to the utterly frustrating issue of having to clumsily clamber through any homemade contraption (without even mentioning the unsightly results!). The hinges on Vegepod canopies make it a simple, slick and effortless opening and closing of them - we could go on - but that's the basics behind the secret sauce that is the Vegepod kit cover. 

Let us know in the comments how you use your Vegepod cover. Until next time - happy planting!

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