Frequently Asked Questions

Vegepod & Raised Garden Bed Advice

What Soil Should I Use in My Vegepod?
My cover keeps coming off. What’s going on?
Can I grow tomatoes in it? (What about other high-stakers like beans and peas?)
I have small fungi/mushrooms growing in my pod- What do I do?
Ants are in the pod. What do I do?
How much should I water the pod?
What about pollination with a pod? Won’t there be problems with the canopy blocking bees?
What can I grow in my pod?
I have grubs in my pod! I thought you said these pods were pest-free…
My mist sprays are not wetting the far corners of my pod top soil. Do we have a problem?
Should I be leaving the canopy open at times?
What do I do on the extra hot days? Do I need extra shade cloth? Watering?
What are the pods made of?
I have aphids. What to do?