How To Start A Container Garden

If you don’t have much space in your backyard – or if you have a paved courtyard – a container garden could be the perfect way to add some beautiful greenery into your outdoor space. And even if you do have a large green space, a container garden can be one of the best ways to plant herbs and vegetables – or even flowers! – without having to go digging up your yard. If you’re interested in becoming a container garden novice, we’ve outlined some top tips to help you start the perfect container patch. img_6437

Make sure there is adequate drainage

If your container garden doesn’t adequately drain water, then your plants run the risk of withering and dying. Many pots don’t have enough drainage holes, so you will need to add some more by drilling in some sections. Or, simply buy a Vegepod and the drainage is already in-built into the system and taken care of so you don’t have to fret.

Consider the sunlight exposure

Make sure you take into consideration how much light your container garden will get and position the containers in the best spot for adequate lighting. Investigate how much sun your plants need and then place the container garden in a suitable place in your garden. With a Vegepod stand and wheels you have the opportunity to move the pod around to gain optimal sunlight exposure.

Make sure your plants are nourished

When you first plant your container garden, don’t forget to feed your seedlings. And we don’t just mean with water. In most container gardens, plants need to be fertilised regularly, as most potting mix doesn’t contain adequate fertiliser or nutrients to feed your plants efficiently. With Vegepod's wicking system, the nutrients from good soil and initial fertiliser are recycled back up through the water reservoirs and wicking bed. Therefore, there is no need to keep feeding your plants as regularly as other container gardens.

Research your plants in advance

Before you go to the plant store, research which plants you want for your container garden. Why? Because the garden shop has so many varieties that, if you’re new to gardening, can be completely overwhelming. Make a shortlist of the types of plants you want and figure out whether they will suit your garden and if you have enough shade or sun for them to thrive. And if you do become overwhelmed don’t be afraid to ask for advice! Most nurseries have knowledgeable staff who will be keen to help. Have you started a container garden and have any tips to add? Let us know!

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