The Vegepod accessible gardening program encourages people to come together to share knowledge, learn from each other, get to know each other, find commonalities, celebrate differences, foster communication, build team work and lessen isolation – all through spending time together in the garden. Patients and service users can spend time in the community garden before returning to their own individual pods to continue their gardening independently.

The benefits of gardening on a person’s well-being are well known (and immense):

  • lowers anxiety
  • improves concentration
  • engages our senses
  • encourages healthy eating
  • promotes being active
  • encourages continued use of fine and gross motor skills (if you’ve ever planted carrot seeds, you’ll know what we mean)
  • promotes citizenship
  • promotes a sense of belonging and connection to place

Vegepod’s universal design makes gardening accessible and safe for everyone.

If you are keen to partner with us on the development or rollout of our programs, we’d love to hear from you!