Vegepod Now Available Through Home Care Packages!

Happy International Day of Older Persons! We are pleased to announce that Vegepods can now be directly linked to identified care needs and goals under general assessments for “improving health and wellbeing”, be that from a physical and O.T perspective or, just as importantly, from mental health and overall wellbeing perspectives.

 Vegepods are the world’s most accessible and pain-free raised beds. The unique truly waist-height bed avoids any bending whilst also providing a super stable structure which can act as a support mechanism unlike nearly all other raised beds.
It has been determined that Vegepods do not have to be only related to continuation of a prior garden hobby but also demands for new edible and ornamental gardening within the HCP participants’ homes.  Vegepods are considered as “acceptable use of government funds delivered within Home Care Package budgets … sitting within Level 2, 3 or 4” as providers can easily assess Vegepod’s benefits and features to “enable participants to remain living safely and independently in their home and/or improve health and wellbeing”,  
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